Best Penis Extender

The best penis extender in the world?

X4 Labs produce the world’s no.1 penis extender, arguably the very best penis extender in the world. The X4 penis extender has been clinically proven, CE certified, and Doctor approved. It is an advanced and yet simple and easy to use penis enlarger that will increase penis enlargement, improve stamina, and help combat impotency.

What is different about the X4 Penis Extender?

The X4 Penis Extender uses a revolutionary hybrid traction system that makes use of both a silicone tube and straps to increase traction, improve circulation, and improve comfort.

Can I order the X4 Penis Extender from the UK?

X4 labs have facilities in the UK and will deliver to anywhere within 4 – 6 days using ultra-reliable UPS delivery. Once you have ordered your X4 Penis Extender, you will be able to track your order online.

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Bathmate X40 Xtreme Hydromax Pump Set

bathmateBathmate X40 (£219)

The latest edition of the famous Bathmate penis extender range is the most effective as well as pleasurable way to increase the size of your penis yet invented.

This is the most powerful penis pump ever developed with 11 different accessories to ensure that you achieve maximum results.

Includes advanced measurement features to enable you to track your progress and see objectively the amazing results that you are achieving with the pump as you regularly train with it.

Marc Dorcel Reversible Penise Extender Sleeve

marc-dorcel-extenderMarc Dorcel Sleeve (£11)

A magnificent penis extender sleeve that not only increases your size but also both your and your lover’s sexual pleasure.  Intensely stimulating ribs and nodules cover both sides of this reversible sleeve, ensuring the best ever sex for both of you!

Penis Extender Sleeve

3 inches extra3 Inches Extra Extender Sleeve (£27)

What guy doesn’t want an extra 3 inches added to his penis instantly, and what woman wouldn’t want her lover to provide her with 3 inches of extra satisfaction?

With this life-like pvc penis extender sleeve, you add an immediate 3 inches to your penis.

Your lover will love you even more after you treat her to a special fuck with this sleeve on.

Jes Penis Extender Kit

Jes Penis ExtenderJes Penis Extender Kit (£199.99)

With the Jes Penis Extender Kit you can enjoy gains of up to 2 – 4 inches, guarenteed and pain free.  The extender works by applying a constant traction force to the penis, enabling your penis to grow gradually and without pain.

The Jes Extender works on any penis size, and the tension exerted is fully controllable.

One of the highest rated penis extenders in the UK.

PenisPlus Complete Penis Enlargement System

penisplus-enlargement-systemPenisPlus Complete Penis Enlargement System – £129.99

With PenisPlus you get a complete package that is certain to increase the size of your package.  What stands out with the penis extender included in this bundle is the fact that it has been specially designed to be discreet.  That means you can wear it for longer in your daily life – up to 5 hours a day, in fact.  As with any penis extender system, the longer you use it, the longer your penis will become.

The PenisPlus extender is attached to your penis and kept in place by an adjustable waist harness.  The system also includes an adjustable silicone strap and instructional DVD and booklet.

Size Genetics Penis Extender System


The SizeGenetics Penis Extension System has been clinically proven to enlarge your penis. At last a British Penis Extender that has been proven to work. SizeGenetics has recieved media endorsements from the BBC, GQ Magazine, and Channel 4. This is a complete system that will add inches to your penis, enable you to last longer in bed, give you rock hard monster erections and increase your sexual appetite.

Including in the SizeGenetics penis extender system is their clinically proven penis enlargement device, 1 enlargement exercise DVD, 2 sex improvement DVDs, as well as access to two specialist websites – LoveCentria and PenisHealth.

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Bathmate Water Based Penis Extender

Bathmate Penis Extender

Bathmate Penis Extender


The Bathmate is a revolutionary Penis Enlarger that is the first to employ the technology of hydraulics.  Bathmate gives immediate and pleasurable results and is extremely comfortable and easy to use.  Bathtime will never be so much fun again as you literally watch your penis grow.

The Bathmate uses powerful water technology to create the ultimate vacuum pressure in order to make your penis bigger, stronger, and fitter. 

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Size Matters Penis Extender System

size matters penis extender

size matters penis extender

The Size Matters Penis Extender System is a simple and cheap device that gets the job done.  No weights, no vacuum pumps, just a simple penis extender that, if used over time, will bring a noticeable increase in penis length.  Definately one of the best cheap penis extenders in the UK.